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Yoga is a journey to develop life. Human is the best creation of GOD. This physical body is a miracle. The human mind is outstanding. We can do everything by this mind. Yoga is a science to increase your mental and physical body.

Yoga is a science of spirituality. Yoga is a pure science to reach your ultimate peace ultimate pleasure. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is not Muslim, not Christian. Yoga is pure science like physics, chemistry. Yoga doesn't say that believe what we say. Just come and do that practical and see the result. If anyone does yoga practice they will certainly get the positive results. that is yoga.

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This world is made with water, soal, air, fire, and sky these are basic eliminates of the universe. Our body is also made with these five eliminates. And everyone has a soul part of the supreme soul. So everyone has the same eliminates. Everyone has a connection to each other. Understand this connection and feel the unity of the universe is yoga.

 How Yoga Works ?

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Yoga says we are not a physical body. The physical body is a part of our personality. Yoga says we have five body's

  • Ana ma sharer ( physical body )
    We know our bodies only. We do not know our mind, emotion, and soul. So we have to start with our physical bodies. Firstly we have to maintain our physical body strong, flexible, detox, light, energetic. Yoga asana also impacts our mental body and reduce mental stress. After that our body becomes positive. Our body becomes a Temple.
  • Pran ma Sharir ( breath body )
     When our body can sit in a position for a long time then we start pranayama. Pranayama gives more oxygen to our bodies.
    (A) This oxygen gives you good digestion. Because food is digested from jathar Agni. Oxygen improves this jathar Agni.
    (B) Our oxygen level will improve and the carbohydrate level will down. That makes us light and healthy.
    (C) That oxygen improves energy levels.
    (D) It helps to detoxify the body.
    (E) Improve immunity.
    (F) Give every part of the body oxygen.
    (G) Improve positivity.
  • Mano ma sharer ( mental body )
     Yoga makes our body stability and peaceful. Pranayama makes our breath deep and peaceful.than we could meditate.
    (A) It makes your mind peaceful.
    (B) Reduce stress.
  • Bhav ma sharer ( Emotional body)
     When the mind becomes peaceful. Than We understand our emotions. Emotions are an important part of a human being. They are dis-side our character. 
    (A) Make you a loving person.
    (B) Give internal strongness.
    (C) Increase in relation.
    (D) Reduce health problems.
    (E) Make your sleep batter.
  • Anand ma sharer ( Soul )
     After four bodies we feel our fifth body soul. When we understand our emotions than they purified automatically. 
    (A) Make you alive.
    (B) How our internal light.
    (C) Give your knowledge.
    (D) Connect to the supreme soul. Yoga collects you. Crystal ice you So that is the life of yoga to reach supreme power through yoga.

What Yoga Do ?

We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.


Detoxify your body

As our body contains lots of toxins substance which we consume in our daily life yoga helps to remove these toxins from our body.

Improves your flexibility

Different yoga poses to stretch our body muscles and make our body flexible.

Give a long and healthy life

Yoga gives you a long and healthy life. By doing yoga regularly your health will improve which makes you disease free and young, and you can live long.

Improve your beauty

Yoga will help you in anti aging, and to improve your body. Yoga will refresh your skin cells that make you more beautiful and glowing.

Builds muscle strength

While doing yoga our body's muscles stretche which builds muscle strength, and that is important to do any work.

Increases your blood flow

The daily practice of yoga will increases the blood flow in your body.

Perfects your posture

Perfect posture is important to reduce the risk of spine problems and slip disc problems. Perfect posture also helps you to look good it improves body structure.

Develop stamina

As our body needs stamina to do any hard work for a long time. We can develop stamina by doing yoga daily.

Yoga Provides Benefits In Two Ways.


Anyone can start practicing yoga as yoga have different types of poses. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, it does not matter because you will be modified your ability to do yoga in every lesson. Life of yoga teach you different yoga poses in each lesson.

Physical benefits of yoga :-

Increased flexibility -: By practicing yoga in a daily manner we can improve the flexibility of our body as our muscles stretch when we do yoga.

Increased muscle strength and stamina -: When you hold a yoga pose for a minimum of three to five minutes, your muscles strength will increase and it leads to the stamina development in your body.

Improved respiration, and energy. -: There are some yoga poses which helps in the improvement of respiration such as cow pose, big toe pose, cobra pose, etc. Yoga improves lungs function by inhaling and exhaling of oxygen during practicing yoga.

Weight reduction -: Trikonasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Parivrtta Utkatasana, Virabhadrasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, and Sarvangasana are the best asanas for weight loss.

Cardio and circulatory health-: Some yoga poses such as Tadasana, Padangusthasana, Sukhasana, and Uttanasana, help improve cholesterol, relieve stress, and reduce hypertension for better cardiovascular health.

Increased flexibility -: By practicing yoga in a daily manner we can improve the flexibility of our body as our muscles stretch when we do yoga.

Mental Benefits of yoga :-

Reduces stress -: Yoga reduces stress and keeps your mind and body calm and relax.

Control anger -: Most of the people in this world have hyper anger issues with them. Anger may disrupt your works and relationship, so it is necessary to control anger to live a happy life with your loving ones. You can control your habit of anger by practicing meditation daily.

Reduces the risk of depression. -: Depression is caused because of hypertension or sadness in a person's life. Meditation and yoga will help you to reduce the risk of depression or to get out of it. It treats headaches, migraine and sleep problems like insomnia.

Put positive energy inside you. -: A positive attitude is a must to deal with any situation. How difficult a situation is you can deal with it if you have a positive way to look at the problems. It keeps you happy and you can feel the beauty of the environment around you.

Fight against brain disorders -: Yoga is very beneficial to treat brain disorders and mental conditions. There are many brain disorders like Schizophrenia. It is a severe, chronic brain disorder in which a person experiences personality loss, confusion, delusions, and bizarre behavior. This condition can be controlled by yoga and meditation.

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