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Yoga is a journey to develop life. Human is the best creation of GOD. This physical body is a miracle. The human mind is outstanding. We can do everything by this mind. Yoga is a science to increase your mental and physical body.

Yoga is a science of spirituality. Yoga is a pure science to reach your ultimate peace ultimate pleasure. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is not Muslim, not Christian. Yoga is pure science like physics, chemistry. Yoga doesn't say that believe what we say. Just come and do that practical and see the result. If anyone does yoga practice they will certainly get positive result. that is yoga.

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This world is made with water, soal, air, fire, and sky these are basic eliminates of the universe. Our body is also made with these five eliminates. And everyone has a soul part of the supreme soul. So everyone has the same eliminates. Everyone has a connection to each other. Understand this connection and feel the unity of the universe is yoga.

 How Yoga Works ?

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Yoga says we are not a physical body. The physical body is a part of our personality. Yoga says we have five body's

  • Ana ma sharer ( physical body )
    We know our bodies only. We do not know our mind, emotion, and soul. So we have to start with our physical bodies. Firstly we have to maintain our physical body strong, flexible, detox, light, energetic. Yoga asana also impacts our mental body and reduce mental stress. After that our body becomes positive. Our body becomes a Temple.
  • Pran ma Sharir ( breath body )
     When our body can sit in a position for a long time then we start pranayama. Pranayama gives more oxygen to our bodies.
    (A) This oxygen gives you good digestion. Because food is digested from jathar Agni. Oxygen improves this jathar Agni.
    (B) Our oxygen level will improve and the carbohydrate level will down. That makes us light and healthy.
    (C) That oxygen improves energy levels.
    (D) It helps to detoxify the body.
    (E) Improve immunity.
    (F) Give every part of the body oxygen.
    (G) Improve positivity.
  • Mano ma sharer ( mental body )
     Yoga makes our body stability and peaceful. Pranayama makes our breath deep and peaceful.than we could meditate.
    (A) It makes your mind peaceful.
    (B) Reduce stress.
  • Bhav ma sharer ( Emotional body)
     When the mind becomes peaceful. Than We understand our emotions. Emotions are an important part of a human being. They are dis-side our character. 
    (A) Make you a loving person.
    (B) Give internal strongness.
    (C) Increase in relation.
    (D) Reduce health problems.
    (E) Make your sleep batter.
  • Anand ma sharer ( Soul )
     After four bodies we feel our fifth body soul. When we understand our emotions than they purified automatically. 
    (A) Make you alive.
    (B) How our internal light.
    (C) Give your knowledge.
    (D) Connect to the supreme soul. Yoga collects you. Crystal ice you So that is the life of yoga to reach supreme power through yoga.


We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

  •  Give you a healthy life.
  •  Make your body and mind stability.
  •  Blood pressure becomes normal.
  •  Rid your heart problem.
  •  Rid your stomach problem.
  •  Glow your skin.
  •  Give a healthy and long life.
  •  Increase energy levels.
  •  Anty aging.
  •  Reduce hair problems.
  • Develop you for a bright future.
  • Increase in metabolism.
  • Make you peaceful and Cheerful.
  • It makes you strong internally.
  • Rid your mental problems.
  • Make your digestion system More proper than your food gives you more energy for life.
  • You will be more understanding and intelligent.
  • Toxins will reduce.
  • Working efficiency increased
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life of yoga class