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Why Join Us

We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

life of yoga

This is a complete course for wellness. That is not en ordinary course. This is a course for your development and rejuvenation. This course gives you new energy for life. We give seven steps for a great life. They all are interconnected. They complete each other.

yoga in rishikesh food


with good food detoxify your body. After that build your stamina. Get flexibility. Go towards development for life.

rishikesh yoga Nature Care

Nature Care

nature balances you. Nature care is the best therapy in the world. Nature care detoxifies you. Balance your body elements (water, fire, air, sky, shoal ). Give a coolness in your body, mind, and emotions. Heal you completely. Give mental stability for yoga and meditation.

life of yoga Panchakarma


Panchakarma is a treatment that cures you without any medicine. Detoxified you. Give internal and external strength. Improve mental health. Prepare you for yoga and meditation

yoga life


yoga gives you the ultimate goal of life. gives you a new life. Increase energy levels. Yoga gives a positive attitude to life. Yoga gives the power to face life problems. You will become peaceful. Increase the stability and capabilities to do meditation.

life of yoga Meditation


Meditation gives us peace and pleasure. Increase in concentration. Makes mind sharp. Increase mental and power. Balance emotion. You will understand things more clearly and quality.

life of yoga Philosophy lecture

Philosophy lecture

India is the rashest country of spiritually. We always trying to understand Geeta. Try to take knowledge from our Guru. Knowledge gives us the freedom to fear. knowledge make your mind peaceful and sharp. Knowledge gives you a way of life

Ayurvedic lecture

Ayurveda is the power of yoga. Our yogi takes ayurvedic medicines to make their bodies capable to do yoga. We tell you about ayurvedic medicines. Benefits of them and how we use them everything about them. They will help you all over your life.

So my dear friends that are our seven steps of the life of yoga. Every step is so important for yogic life.

life of yoga Philosophy lecture
  • Every part gives you energy for life.
  •  Every part will develop you.
  •  Increase you.
  •  Give a long and healthy life.
  •  Every step takes you towards a holistic life.
  •  Every step give sharpness and coolness to your mind
  •  Give stability.
  •  Cure every disease.
  •  Rid of mental disease.
  •  Increase in metabolism.
  •  Increase immunity.
  •  Make your positivity.
  •  Increase beauty
  •  Increase the shine of the skin.
  •  Over oiling of the whole body.
  • Increase eyesight
  •  Reduce emotional blockages.
  •  Make internally strong.
  •  It makes you a loving person.
  •  Reduce anger.
  •  Make a better relationship with everyone.
  •  Increase in forgiveness.
  •  Make you a cheerful person.
  •  Sleep becomes sound and deep.
  •  The body becomes strong and flexible.
  •  Detoxify body.
  •  Long term benefits for body and mind.
  •  You learn lots of things from this course.
  •  Prospects are more clear.
  •  You understand life better way.
  • We give you lots of reasons to join us. But these are words. Words like paper flowers and feelings are the original flowers. They have aliveness they have natural beauty they have Essenes of nature. So experience is so deep so pure so natural. Got the experience of life with us.
    So all my friends I want to invite you with love. celebrate life. Celebrate freedom. Be prepare yourself to change your life  I give you insurance that your life will completely change. You become a much more healthy and energetic person.