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Rishikesh is heaven in this world. Rishikesh called Dev Bhoomi means the land of GOD. Lots of template in Rishikesh. Lots of tourists description is heard. Like Neelkanth Mahadev, Ram jhula, Laxman jhula, parmarth Niketan, kunja puri,Veerabhadra mandir,Geeta Bhawan, Vassisth gufa and lots of other destinations

We choose Rishikesh because of yoga Biggins from the heir. Rishikesh is the capital of yoga in the world. here Yogi does yoga and meditation heir from thousand of years. Yoga flow in the air of Rishikesh. That air of yoga could not find in the world. Lots of yogis do their yoga and meditation heir from lots of years to till today.

The biggest quality of Rishikesh is the holy river Mother Ganga. In our culture, we worship Mother Ganga. We feel she is an alive goddess. Mother Ganga water is so pure for us. I want to shear my experience to you, my friends. One day I was a little bit distracted. Then I go to Mother Ganga and near to her then I feel so relaxed. Lots of people feel that with Mother Ganga. Rishikesh is so rich. The heir is Raja Ji national park around Rishikesh. Lots of trees, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful view heir. Rishikesh is the best destination for all people. Who loves nature, who love spirituality, who love yoga. Who loves peace. So I want to lovingly invite all of you to touch new aspects of life. And get new energy for your life.

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