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We are introducing a very good wellness program in Rishikesh. We serve you seven-way

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That is the beauty of our course and the strength of our course. They give you a new life, new energy, a new vision of life. They will inspect your body, energy level, mental level, emotional level, and soul connection.

We want to assure you that will be a great holiday for you and for your family. We are too much commented on our job. This course will cure your every disses like hypertension, blood pressure, sugar, heart problem, back pain, joint problems, all stomach problems, weight loss, Dipreshen, etc. We will give therapy according to your problem.

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Disease, its Causes and Treatment

yoga in rishikesh

At Life of yoga, we provide you treatment to cure the disease that you have.

The disease is a disorder or abnormal condition of the body which affects the structure or function of the body in human, animal, or plants. The disease is also known as illness and medical conditions that are related to specific symptoms and signs. A disease may be caused by several factors such as pathogens, etc. Life of yoga provides you several ayurvedic treatments to cure your specific disease, some of those treatments are mentioned below :


Diabetes is a disease which occurs when your blood glucose or blood sugar, is too high. Blood sugar is coming from the food you eat. It is the main source of energy in your body. The Pancreas produces insulin in our body which helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. There are mainly three types of diabetes exists. In Type 1 diabetes your body stops the making of insulin. It is commonly diagnosed in young adults and children. Type 2 diabetes affects the uses of the amount of insulin by the body. Gestational diabetes develops in some women when they are pregnant.

Causes of Diabetes :- Diabetes causes from health and environmental factors, genetic makeup, family history, ethnicity. It may cause because of viral or bacterial infection and being overweight.

Treatment we provide :- Diabetes cannot cure from the roots but Ayurveda treatment can reduce its effect on one individual. In Life of yoga we provide panchkarma therapies like basti, swedan, and virechana to cure your diabetes problem. Abhyanga therapy is used to treat stress for diabetes patients. We provide ayurvedic food which helps you to maintain your sugar level of the body.

Over Weight

When people eat more than their bodies needs then their bodies store the extra calories as fat. Overweight leads to many health problems. A pair of pounds of extra body fat does not create a health risk for most people. But when people keep eating regularly and eat in a large amount than more calories than they burn, more and more fat builds up in their bodies which leads to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and strokes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, etc. It cause cancer also and create problems in pregnancy time.

Causes of OverWeight :- The main cause of being overweight is the food habits and activity of peoples. People eat more calories than they burn through the activity because of which they gain weight.

Treatment we provide :- The best way to reduce weight is regular exercise. We organize regular yoga classes which helps you to reduce weight. We also provide some panchkarma treatment such as shirodhara, abhyanga, and Udawarthana. We also provide some massages to reduce weight like Hot Stone Massage, Thai massage, Swedish Massage, and Hydrotherapy. As we know in the overweight problem one main reason is unhealthy or junk food but Life Of Yoga will provide you ayurvedic, healthy, and fresh food which keeps your weight balance.

Heart Problems

Heart problems include a range of conditions that affect your heart. Diseases under heart problems include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias). Common heart problems are heart failure, valve disease high, blood pressure, congenital heart conditions, inherited heart conditions, unstable angina. Many of these heart problems may lead to death such as heart failure in this heart’s pumping action can’t work effectively.

Causes of Heart Problems :- The main cause of being heart problems is excessive use of alcohol or caffeine. Stress and high blood pressure also cause of heart problems.

Treatment we provide :- Ayurvedic therapies can help to maintain the elasticity of arteries to prevent heart problems an reduce the risk of heart failure. We provide you home remedies such as garlic, Ginger, detox drinks to maintenance of heart. We also provide some detox treatments which helps you to remove all toxins from your body


Arthritis is the swelling in the joints, it can affect joints. There are several types of arthritis with different causes and treatment but mainly there are two types of arthritis osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Symptoms of the arthritis are swelling, pain, redness, joint stiffness, and decreased range of motion. It may be a genetic problem run in families, it increases with age. People who have joint injuries are more likely to have arthritis. Carrying an excess amounts of weight may lead to the risk of arthritis.

Causes of Arthritis :- Any infection and injury to the joints can cause arthritis because of the breakdown of the cartilage tissue. It can be inherited from family members.

Treatment we provide :- Treat arthritis with our wellness program. You can learn sme yoga poses for treatment of arthritis. You can use ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis including , patala, shalparni, and gambhari. You can use herbs such as aloe vera, ginger, eucalyptus, and green tea for treatment of arthritis. We provide basti therapy and Greeva Basti to cure arthritis.


Depression is a mental illness. It is caused by sadness and stress. It is related to our mood and may affect our daily life. When a person feels sad every time if it happened over more than two weeks, it means occurring of depression. Depression is related to moods of a person. Symptoms of depression are tiredness and low energy level, sleeping problems, particularly early morning waking or sleeping too much. Symptoms of depression also include aches and pains like headaches and digestive problems.

Causes of Depression :- The substance that is called neurotransmitters in our body is mainly responsible for depression. The slow down of work of it can cause depression.

Treatment we provide :- Panchkarma treatments for depression are abhyanga, siatsu, shirodhara, music therapy, healing scrub massage, special head & foot massage, takradhara, and bath, vedic healing facial with eye rejuvenating. The best way to relief stress is meditation, meditation helps you to keep your mind calm and relax. We provide meditation and yoga classes. depression may be cure by the environment surrounding us. Positive vibes around you can push your mind to create imagination and to think. We provide you healthy positive environment and remove all your stress and sadness.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease means damage of the kidney. It is happened when kidney can't filter the blood. It may risk kidney failure among most of the people. It is occur in peoples who have diabetes and hifh blood pressure. Symptoms of kidney disease are tiredness, energy loss, sleeping problems, swelling in ankle and feet. You have kidney problem if you see foamy urine and blood in your urine. If you have kidney problems your skin will be dry and itchy. Kidney problems are very dangerous to our life as kidney failure may cause to death.

Causes of Kidney disease :- High blood pressure and diabetes are the main cause of kidney diseases. This should be control to slow down the affect of kidney problems.

Treatment we provide :- To treat kidney diseases detoxification of the body is main process some of the panchkarma therapies for detoxification are vaman, deep tissue massage, Herbal Steam with Ozone Therapy, nasyam, virechanam, snehavashti, and hridaya Basti . We teach you some diet and lifestyle to keep away from kidney disease like stay hydrated, eat kidney-friendly foods, minimize your use of pain relievers.

Weak Eyesight

Number shows weaker eyesight as 6/6-6/9 is the number of normal vision. Number lower than this shows weaker eyesight. Symptoms of eye sight are sore, tired, burning or itching eyes, blurred or double vision, difficulty in concentrating. Low vision is very dangerous it may caused cancer of the eye, brain injury, albinism and inherited disorders of the eye including retinitis pigmentosa.

Causes of Weak Eyesight :- Common cause of weak eyesight includes diabetes, infection of the cornea or retina, and traumatic injuries.

Treatment we provide :- Strain on eyes may lead to weakness of eyesight or vision. It may reduce by our daily life habits due to which eyes will become weak, such as decreases watching television or smart phones, eating healthy food, and daily exercise. We will teach you some yoga poses to increase the loss vision of your eyesight. We will provide you healthy food like green vegetables good for strong eyesight.

Skin Problems

There are many skin problems like acne, hives, rosacea, shingles, and sunburn. Acne is the most common skin disease mainly occurs among teenagers. The source of acne is anxiety or stress. Symptoms of skin problems are peeling skin, raised bumps that are red or white, dry, cracked skin, discolored patches of skin. Allergies are very common skin disease, immune system problems can cause skin problems.

Causes of Skin Problems :- Common cause of skin problems are weakened immune system, parasites, fungus, or microorganisms living on the skin.

Treatment we provide :- There are various treatments available for treating skin problems and anti-aging like anti aging aroma massage, detox therapy, mud therapy, steam therapy, abhyanga, body scrub, sarvangalepa, shirodhara, energizing scrub, and oiling whole body. Healthy diet is very important to reduce the risk of skin problems like papaya, blueberries, avocado, broccoli, and spinach. We will provide you these ayurvedic healthy food.

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