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Philosophy is made by two Unani words: Philos = love, Sophia = knowledge Love to knowledge According to western philosophy love knowledge emotively. In Hindi language Philosophy = Darshan

In Indian philosophy says Darshan means watching. If you watch something you give complete attention to that seen. You give 
A. Working 
B. Knowledge 
C. Emotionally 
That is Indian darshan.

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Knowledge makes us pure, positive, loving, healthy, stable, peaceful, cheerful. All the journey of life is for knowledge. Knowledge of GOD. Knowledge of NATURE. Knowledge is the biggest power of human beings. The body has limited power.The intellectual mind is much more powerful than the mind.Philosophy opens your internal eye. Philosophy also helps you in your daily life in your relationship. Philosophy gives a big vision of life. Change the attitude of life.

 How Philosophy complete us ?

We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

about philosophy
  • Knowledge gives us freedom.
    Freedom from our fear. Fear of our future Knowledge also helps us to comes out from our past. Reduce the pain of the past. Knowledge gives us the courage to face present and prepare us to give 100% to the present.
  • Knowledge gives us the direction of life.
    Lord Krishna says in Geeta " senses are better than the physical body, the mind is better than senses, intergalactic is better than the mind, the soul is better than.
  • Philosophy gives the right way to live. 
    Philosophy says death is universal truth but death is coming to body not soul. The soul is immortal. So the way we are full of sorrow.
  • Do you work : 
    Do your work without any greed. Then your work becomes worship. Do work for society: do work for society because if society is happy then you will be happy. You are a part of society.
  • Obey your religion :
    Be a good father be a good husband to be a good son. Stay honest to your profession.
  • Surrendered to GOD :
    The most important thing is life to surrendered GOD completely. Then God will take care of you. Have faith in HIM.
  •  We give you a lecture on  1. Geeta Darshan, 2. Yaga Sutr
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