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life of yoga providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

life of yoga

We want to make this world better. A world of love. A world of honesty. A world of creativity. A world of happiness and joy. A world of aliveness.

We are working for society. In social life, everybody is so busy. They don't have time to take care of their health. And they are not aware of that. Lots of people in the world are doing official work. Then their health is going down and down. Their body becomes sick and the mind becomes frustrating. They become full of anger. Mind become tensed

We are providing 7 steps of the life of yoga.

Food: First step of life. The first step for life.

Nature care: Connect with nature connect with life.

Panch karma: Rejuvenates you.

Yoga. Give you a healthy life.

Meditation: Collect your mind and connect the supreme soul.

Philosophy: Knowledge is the biggest in the world.

Ayurvedic lecture: Knowledge of Ayurveda to improve life.

In that way, we are serving people to make a better world.

We have a process to improve you. In that process, we help to build you that way.


Detoxification: Our body has three kinds of impurities.
A. Vat: Wast products witch we thrown out from the body in the morning.
B. Pit: Stomach chemicals who are imbalance condition.
C. Cough: Thrown out from nose.
In detoxification prose, we balance these elements. We detoxify you from proper food, nature care, panch karma therapy, and yoga.

Rejuvenation: The second Proses is to rejuvenate you. Make new cells. Give straight to your body veins, boons and nerves system.

Flax ability: We improve your body flax ability. When we give you good food, full body massage, Patra potli Sweden, deep tissue massage, yoga session that makes your body flexible.

Increase energy level: Fourth developments are on you. the energy level will be increased. The energy level will automatically increase after detoxification, rejuvenation, flexibility. energy will also increase.

Make you cool: Our course makes your body, mind, and emotions cool.

Reduce stomach disease: This course rid stomach disease. Make the stomach cool and healthy. After that, your food will cure your body so fastly.

Increase stamina: After detoxification, stamina increases automatically. We give abhyanga, stems, aroma massage, Shirodhara and yoga for increase stamina. This stamina we use in yoga to increase more stamina and got more energy and more aliveness.

Silent and peaceful: In silence, we improve our self. Improve our physical strength to improve our mental strength. And the relaxation of body and mind is can't dis scribe in words. You just feel that. Meditation and philosophy lectures will help with that.

Anti-aging: When our body become healthy we look young and fresh. When your dead cells go out and new cells will generate than you look young. If your mind is peaceful than you look young. Knowledge has a light from philosophy lecture you got the essence of life that helps also.

Increase mental level. The mind is the superpower of this world today. The mind is a definition of a person today. Our focus is to increase your mental strength. Every step of our course will increase your personality. Increase your intergalactic skill.

Make you stronger emotively: Life has many colors. Some time we full of love some time with anger some time with fear and sorrow. Our life of yoga makes you strong to face every part of life. It makes you a carefully lovely person.

Strong personality : This course make your body strong, makes your mind strong, balance your emotions. Course will develop your strangeness and strength to face life.

Give the right direction to live: The most important thing in life is your thoughts. That makes a difference between every person. You can say the glass is half empty or you can say the glass is half full. What is your prospectus that's make you? That's creating your life. That is basic of life and the journey begins from the heir.

Understand spirituality: That is our main motto to understand spirituality. You will do good yoga. Increase meditation capacity. Quality of yoga and meditation tremendously increases. The body becomes unstable in yoga and meditation.

Better Relationships: Develop better relationships with people. When we become peaceful internally than we could better relate people. A better way to understands their problems better relates to their thought process. We get more loving to them and taught their souls.

The feeling can't share in words. Come and join us and feel the music of nature, the music of GOD.