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Sumit Yogi Ji

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Sumit Yogi Ji is the founder of the life of yoga. He is born in Meerut 70 kilometers from Delhi India. He spends his childhood in Meerut and completes his studies there. From his childhood, he is so religious person. He takes his costume from his mother. His mother is his first Guru. His father is also so religious person. Now he is a Sanyasi. His journey of spiritually is started from childhood is going on and on.

The reason to start this course is to serve people. Yoga and meditation is the only way to serve people. The biggest thing in this world is knowledge. If you know then you are the rashest and happy Easter person of this world. And if you want to get knowledge then meditation is the only way to got knowledge. Because only meditation makes your mind so peaceful and sharp. when your mind is peaceful and sharp then you could get knowledge. So this course makes you peaceful, cheerful & open your mind. Make your self-knowledge full.