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Yogi sumit gupta one of the best yoga teachers in India, is known for his motivating yoga classes at Rishikesh. A yoga class with Yogi sumit gupta includes powerful adjustments which safely teach students the depths of each asana. Yoga students come from all over the world to take his classes and commonly practice with him for one or more months at a time. The results are oftentimes profound, students have returned home with straighter backs and clearer minds. He is also a senior yoga teacher trainer conducting yoga teacher trainings and workshops internationally during the Indian off-season months.

Yogi Sumit Gupta was born on 1/4/79 at Meerut 2/559 in Andhavapuram. He is born in Meerut 70 kilometers from Delhi India. He spends his childhood in Meerut and completes his studies there. From his childhood, he is so religious person. He takes his costume from his mother. His mother is his first Guru. His father is also so religious person. Now he is a Sanyasi. His journey of spiritually is started from childhood is going on and on.

The reason to start this course is to serve people. Yoga and meditation is the only way to serve people. The biggest thing in this world is knowledge. If you know then you are the rashest and happy Easter person of this world. And if you want to get knowledge then meditation is the only way to got knowledge. Because only meditation makes your mind so peaceful and sharp. when your mind is peaceful and sharp then you could get knowledge. So this course makes you peaceful, cheerful & open your mind. Make your self-knowledge full.

who lived in Rishikesh for 10 years. He believes in practice and that’s what makes him a good teacher. He is very calm and composed. He is one of the most respected yoga guru in the yoga city of Rishikesh.

He developed and successfully executed teacher training programs catering the need of people. He conducted various yoga therapy sessions, stress management sessions for general public as well corporate houses.

He teaches traditional Hatha Yoga, Astanga yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Yogi sir is loved by his students for his simple and effective way of teaching, and ability to impart deep philosophical concepts of yoga in easy and assessable language. Yogi sir is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School.

This is a yogi person, yoga is his life. For many years, he has been engaged in yoga practice, due to which many people are connected with him. He chosen Meditation and mantra chanting because he always wanted to be a calm and composed person .He has a good strong texture of voice which certainly makes the environment holy when he chants the mantras. He believes in peace and peace of mind and that is what he wants to spread in the world because he knows very well being stressed while working for an organization where everyone wants you to work for them continuous 24*7 without any excuses. He wants to get rid of this stress and mentality from the world because life is not for being stressed.

He has a good knowledge of anatomy too and makes the asana easier to do for everyone. He is the ideal yoga instructor for all practitioners because his teaching covers all aspects of yoga and puts a lot of energy and efforts so that students learns a lot about the asnas with lot of love and care.

New guidance has also been shown to the lives of many people who had lost their way of life. In the same way, they keep giving new people guidance and a new purpose to live life. In this run of life, people are unable to give themselves time, but through their yoga, they are motivated to give themselves time in the busy time of life.

Those who are struggling with mental problems have come out of this problem through their lack of qualities of yoga and meditation. Due to these, many people have also become healthy, they are not only in yoga but they are also proficient in yoga as well as Naturopathy Panchakarma wellness and Ayurvedic treatment. Through his art, he has illuminated his name in many places. He is associated with places like Nosha Ganga Dham, Green Hotel, Priya Yoga Ashram, Hotel Venue 18, Jungle Lohra Camp