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Our mind has a three-part Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, and Superconscious mind.

Our mind is watching the world Chanel. Change the Chanel is meditation. Change Chanel and see soul Chanel is meditation. Connect you, the supreme soul is meditation.

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Conscious mind: We know only the conscious mind. We are working from a conscious mind. All the Memory store on this conscious mind. We can tren this mind. This 10% of the mind. This mind is like ice.

Subconscious mind: We do no this mind. This is going down in our minds. We got lots of birth previously that memory is stored in this mind. Childhood memories and every movement memory are also stored on that. In hypnosis condition this mind is open. This mind is 90% of the mind. This mind is like water.

Superconscious: This is the soul element of the mind. When ice melt it's become water and when water melt in the heat it's become stems that stem is Superconscious. In short, when mind ends than GOD comes automatically.

Meditation is the journey of the mind to Superconscious Ness

How Meditation Helps Us

We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

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We know three parts of the mind. Meditation makes bright between conscious to the subconscious to superconductors that's the way.

First step: When we do meditation our conscious mind becomes silent than we jump to the subconscious mind.

Second step: When we reach the subconscious mind 
(A) We would understand our subconscious. 
(B) This subconscious is your original thought process. 
(D) When you understand your thought process than you understand your self. 
(E) When you understand your self than the journey begins.

Superconductors :(A) When you understand your thoughts then you will reform them. 
(B) In this processes your ego end. 
(C) When your ego ends you become so pure and that purity is superconductors, Ness.

So in a nutshell meditation melt our mind. Reduce stiffness of mind.

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We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

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  • Reduce all mental problems.
  •  Increase memory.
  •  Increase the sharpness of mind.
  •  Make you cheerful and happy.
  •  Reduce heart problems.
  •  Make your prospectus clear.
  •  You will more energetic and Springy.
  •  You become more beautiful.
  •  Reduce your health problems.
  •  Make you a loving person.
  •  You become a kind-hearted person.
  •  Reduce anger.
  •  Develop control of your self.
  •  You will see life broader way.
  •  Tolerance power will increase.
  •  Ake a harmony to everyone.
  •  Improve your relation to Family and friend
  •  Make your knowledgeable Person.
  •  Improve awarenesses.
  •  Reduce confusion and increase stability.
  •  Rid fear.
  •  Give positivity.
  •  Make more alive.
  •  Improve immunity.
  •  Improve ora.
  •  Your mental power will increase.
  •  Increase energy levels.
  •  You would work more effectively.
  •  You feel full of life.
  •  You talk more effectively
  • Meditation is a journey of life. Meditation joints our supreme power.
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