everyone is living their life someone is happy from their life someone is not happy. one thing is comen in every person. every person wants to live a good life. what is the meaning of the good life? everyone wants a happy and prosperous life. everyone wants a peaceful and healthy life. everyone wants love in life.
how to get that kind of life?
if we watch life we would understand life. life is short. in a day we have only 24 hours. in 24 hours we spend 6 to 8 hours in sleep. we have 16 to 18 hours in a day. we normally spend Kaprow 2 hours for our daily routine work like eating, for bath e.t.c. we got approx 14 to 16 hours a day these course inside our life. how we spend these a say 15 hours. these 15 hours is the game-changer.
lets talk about these 15 hours. these 15 hours decide your future your life. normally I watch people not aware of their life. people are not thinking abut their time value. people spend thr=eir life without management. live your life in an organized way. live your life with awareness. just understand what I am doing witch my self. one thing we have to do wich ourselves self that we have to honest wich ourselves. I want to give you some tips to live a great life.

  1. give value to your time: alias respect your time that is the key to success. I see lots of people spend their time uselessly. we have only 15 hours in. the foundation of the future will be laid in the present. if you want a good future you have to work today.life is running from your hand every second so be aware. so please respect your time for a better life. live a disciplined life.
    one day time ask a question to us. whare you spend your life? that day we have no answer. that day you have not much energy you become old. that daily life is going to end. before we become old. respect your time. time is life, life is time.
  2. love everyone: that is the real remedy of happiness. the bacice thing in life is happiness. everyone wants to live happily. how comes happiness towards us? happiness comes to us when we give happiness to others. how to give happiness to others? love to them. everyone want to love. our heart becomes full of happiness when anyone love us. that is a universal truth.that is the reason that everyone want to love and respect in life. every one search lovers.that is the real goal of life. when we love anyone we give happiness to them .when we give happiness to them they refund happiness to us more than we give to them. so love everyone respects everyone.
  3. forgiveness: everyone has his wone nature. we cannot change their nature. nature is so deep. everyone has his own behavior. everyone has their own lows of life no one can change them. if you want to live a good life than bear people do not argue them. forgiveness is the best remedy for peace. if you want to peacefull than forgive everyone in life. just do your work and forgive everyone. you feel so peaceful and energetic from them.
  4. surrendered to god: all the religion all the spirituality depends on these things surrendered to GOD. you get all the happiness all the blessings from surrendered to GoD. that is the turning point of life. existence gives lots of blessings to a surrendered person. what happened when we surrendered? the basic problem of humanity is ego. we have nothing we are nothing. we have only 6 feet of hight body. witch made my soal. a soal body. we have so short life 70 or 80 years of life. in this short life, we could not understand things. everyone is to think that they are so intelligent. see your self honestly wich any favor. than you understand how week we are. the basic thing is understand your self. that is the biggining of life. than you understand things. than you understand nature than you understand GOD or what aver you want to say. surrendered to supreme power. supreme power gives you positivity every moment.
    do work for GOD: that is my way of life. if anyone ask me who are you? I always say to them that I am a servant of GOD. that feeling gives me peace every moment. do not want anything to GOD. live witch GOD. feel HIM every moment of life. get wet with the supreme soul.
    make a philosophy of life do your work honestly and surrendered to GOD.
    that feeling gives a great life. a life of happiness.

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