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Ayurveda Center In Rishikesh India ?

life of yoga

Nature gives us everything to maintain our body and mind. But we do not know about that. In this part, we will tell you about ayurvedic elements.

How ayurvedic lecture helps us?

Nature is GOD. We forgot the low nature. We will tell you what nature wants to you. We tell you about ayurvedic herbs like  Gooseberry, Aloe vera, Giloy, Basil, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Honey, Triphala, Fennel, Black cardamom, Small cardamom, Celery, Turmeric, Coconut

life of yoga Ayurveda

 We will tell you what's benefits of these ayurvedic eliminates and How to use them.

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We also tell you about:

Food: How to improve our diet.

 Fruits and vegetables: What are the benefits of fruit and vegetables.

 Dry fruits: How dry fruits give nourish our body.

We tell you how body parts work for our bodies.


We are providing you here a complete Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Program.

  • You will know about nature.
  •  How the body ( kidney, pan kriyas, lungs, arteries, nerves system, e.t.c) works.
  •  How natural ingredients work on the body.
  •  What is the benefit of a particular eliminate?
  •  You got more aware of your diet.
  • This knowledge is for your hole life.
  • This knowledge is good for your near and dear too.
  • You feel more close to nature.
  • Increase your physical and mental health.
  • When body and mind healthy than you give good performance in every aspect of life.
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