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Our center is Avenue 18 resort Mohan Chatti Rishikesh (U.K). The center is situated at the bank of the river. The center is 20 kilometers from the center of Rishikesh.

We give you great hospitality with love. The sardining of the resort so silent, green and pleasant. We have a great view of the river and mountains. If you live an active social life, then the avenue of 18 resort is the perfect place for your health and pleasure.

About life is yoga


Situated on the bank of the river.

 Have two big and beautiful garden.

 Grand and beautiful swimming pool.

 New, Big and beautiful building with all facilities.

 Big Dining hall.

 Three big and peaceful yoga hall.

 The rooms are spacious and pretty.

 The rooms are airy.

 Rooms are with A/C, hot kettle, refrigerator, and all-new feature.

 Rooms are with mountain and river view.

 The rooms are with good room service.