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We are providing you a memorable holiday and a life-changing opportunity. We have seven steps to improve your lifestyle. They all help each other to improve your physical and mental strength. This course gives you a long and healthy life.

Life of Yoga's 7 Steps

We are providing you here a complete Yoga, 
Meditation & Wellness Program.

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Healthy food healthy life.

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In Hinduism food called Brahma. Our body is made by food from our mother's stomach until today our body cells are made from food.

How to balance food works

Food gives us protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and minerals. Good food gives us more nutrition and energy for us. A proper diet could cure our bodies to cure our disses. A food supplement can change your body. Food should be light, fruitful, juicy Delius and fool of energy.

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Nature Care

Nature is the best healer. Love nature love life.

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Nature + care means natural therapy. Just be with nature and get positivity from nature.

  Nature cure is an Indian traditional therapy. This therapy founded by our Yogi's. Nature cure gives us good health and stability that's will helps us for yogic life.

How Nature care works

 Nature is the best healer in the world. Our yogi knows that that's why they found this therapy. Our physical and mental problems start from the stomach. From our bed food habits and less physical working. Our stomach chemicals will not be working properly and then our food could not give full energy to us. Nature cure mainly gives coolness to your stomach. If our pen price works proper. Then the body automatically cures every diss. In this therapy, we give the treatment of water and mud. These natural aliments will detoxify and cure us. Give us a perfect body and a peaceful mind.

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life of yoga panchakarma


Perfect therapy for life makes you internally strong and cheerful.

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Therapy based treatment called panchakarma. For thrown out Toxins and clean the body. That gives relax to rejuvenates.

Panchakarma treatment has zero side effect so in panchakarma you only get benefits. Panchakarma over oiling your body. Panch karma therapies are internal and external.

Panchakarma is mainly working in two ways.

Detoxify: we have lots of waste products in our body. These wast products are developed from our bad eating habits. This wast product is Mother of all problem. So in panchakarma, we have thrown out this wast from your body and make you light and energetic

Rejuvenate: The second way is to give you some oil therapy like abhyanga, Shirodhara, Patra potli Sweden, Basti, e.t.c.From that therapy, your body will rejuvenate. Steers level will down. Reduce skin problems. Rid out your blockages. Make new body cells.

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Collect you connect you. Yoga makes you alive.

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Yoga is a journey to develop life. Human is the best creation of GOD. This physical body is a miracle. The human mind is outstanding. We can do everything by this mind. Yoga is a science to increase your mental and physical body.

Yoga is a science of spirituality. Yoga is a pure science to reach your ultimate peace ultimate pleasure. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is not Muslim, not Christian. Yoga is pure science like physics, chemistry. Yoga doesn't say that believe what we say. Just come and do that practical and see the result.If anyone does yoga practice they will certainly get a positive result. This is yoga.

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life of yoga meditation


Make you peaceful, stable and positive.

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The conscious mind, Subconscious mind & Superconscious mind

Conscious mind: We know only a conscious mind. We are working from a conscious mind. All the Memory store on this conscious mind. We can train this mind. We know only 10% of the mind. This mind is like ice.

Subconscious mind: We do no this mind. This is go-down of our mind. We got lots of birth previously that memory is stored in this mind. Childhood memories and every movement memory are also stored on that. In hypnosis condition this mind is open. This mind is 90% of the mind. This mind is like water.

Superconscious: This is the soul element of the mind. When ice melt it's become water and when water melt in the heat it's become stem that stems is Superconscious. In short, when mind ends than GOD comes automatically. This condition of the superconscious mind is the condition of Samadhi (Meditation).

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life of yoga philosophy

Knowledge gives freedom Knowledge is the biggest power.

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Knowledge makes us pure, positive, loving, healthy, stable, peaceful, cheerful.

Knowledge makes us pure, positive, loving, healthy, stable, peaceful, cheerful. All the journey of life is for knowledge. Knowledge of GOD. Knowledge of NATURE. Knowledge is the biggest power of human beings. The body has limited power. The mind is more powerful than the body. The intellectual mind is much more powerful than the mind. The soul is much much powerful than the Intellectual mind. Philosophy opens your internal eye. Philosophy also helps you in your daily life in your relationship. Philosophy gives a big vision of life. Change the attitude of life.

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life of yoga ayurveda

Ayurved Lecture

Knowledge about life will complete you.

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Nature gives us everything to maintain our body and mind. But we do not know about that. In this part, we will tell you about ayurvedic elements.

We will tell you what's benefits of these ayurvedic eliminates. And how to use them.

We also tell you about

1. Food: how to improve our diet.

2. Fruits and vegetables: what are the benefits of fruit and vegetables.

3. Dry fruits: how dry fruits give nourish our body.

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About Life Of Yoga Center

Life of Yoga offers you a complete yoga, meditation and wellness program here.

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Life of Yoga offers you a complete yoga, meditation and wellness program here. In this program, we provide you Neuropathology, Ayurveda Therapy, Yoga Classes, and Meditation Classes.

Life of Yoga offers you a complete yoga, meditation and wellness program here. In this program, we provide you Neuropathology, Ayurveda Therapy, Yoga Classes, and Meditation Classes. When you complete this course your body becomes Detoxified Flexible you will reduce your Extra Fat your diseases (Back Pain, Knee Pain, Headache, Depression, B.P, Diabetes, Dysfunction, Obesity, etc…) will certainly cure. You feel more peaceful and healthy. The most wonderful thing about this course, your sleep will more deep and peaceful, and then you feel more energetic, flexible full of life, in a nutshell, you will become more alive.